What is head hunting?

What is head hunting?


Selection of qualified personnel solves the main role in the successful development of your company or private business. This urgent issue is the main for the majority of recruiting agencies and hr-managers (Human Resource). Throughout the world, the word “headhunting” is used most often, in some countries and cities – executive search (quality search by order). In other words, this is when they entice a particular person from a specific company. Refusal can occur for two reasons: A person does not fit the task or does not want to change his/her place of work.

Why are “headhunters” needed?

A top-rank specialist is not always in search of work. Therefore headhunters, “star hunters”, try to do their best to interest such a qualified staff in considering a profitable job offer. Most often, they are looking for narrow specialists, chief accountants, business leaders and lawyers.

Previously, the English word headhunting was used exclusively in close circles. Today, this type of service is very popular in Europe and especially in Japan. A good employee is easily lured to another company with the help of better working conditions and payment. As an example, all Japanese companies try to protect their employees by offering them bonus packages and promoting their skills. This approach distinguishes specialists of this level, contributing to “healthy” competition among them.

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Today, the issue of remote workers – employees for hire without being enlisted in the company’s staff – has become especially popular. You can leave a request for recruitment in one of the areas, one for verification or recruitment, and staff members will leave their applications from which you choose the most convenient one for you. You don’t need to be in a hurry.
Exchange agent.biz offers you services for business where you can solve staff issues:
You can find employees in different countries and cities, optimizing your budget.
Customers find contractors themselves through the exchange.
Different formats for remote work for contractors, which increases the flow of orders.
Hiring remote employees or ones for a project reduces operational costs.
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