The role of country-manager in international business

The role of country-manager in international business


                 Who is the country manager?

Country-manager or city-manager is a remote employee with experience and knowledge of doing business in the country with its own culture and language: he/she provides access to the unknown business world with its mentality and laws.

First and foremost, the country-manager represents a foreign company as a Director, manages a branch office in a particular country.

In other words, the Manager without borders: despite the difference in hundreds of miles with him/her, you can always stay in touch with the assistance of telecommunications and messengers.

As a rule, he/she is expected to have higher education, knowledge of management and ability to manage the business, fluency in the languages of the customer’s country, leadership, and organizational skills.

Here is another version of the definition of these activities – “regional leader”. The Manager also needs to understand the full scope of work and the complexity of tasks and to be able to plan and allocate them. This requires qualification with the teamwork, work processes, technical peculiarities in the specific regional segment.

By the words of Olle Tholander, Ericsson country manager

Working in the country of the client, you adapt to the peculiarities of the mentality of other peoples. Ability to work with people is the key to successful collaboration of the manager.

Characteristics of various peoples

Taking the example of Olle Tholander: he noticed a huge difference in the sales process when visited different IBM offices. In some offices, all was like “gold” easily giving a brilliant result, and others had to apply accelerated speed.

He made the following conclusion. The difference was in the representatives of a particular nationality. Someone turned out to be more active and independent, others were inclined to think and to make decisions slower.

   Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish clearly the classification of national peculiarities.


  • Ukraine. People like to make decisions collectively, the opinion of the management is crucial.
  • Sweden. Resolve issues independently, and do not understand the imposed view of the situation.
  • The United Kingdom. Welcome individualists and collectivists at the same time. Believe that thanks to this country has a lot of scientific discoveries.


Country Manager: roles, responsibilities and how to hire

Country manager job description includes a high level of responsibility and self-motivation. Manager in the customer’s country is responsible for managing all operations within the country.

Inclusive: responsibility for profit, revenue, money transactions and results of the successful activities of the project/service.

Incorporate relocations or opening a new company/branch in another country the job of a manager is to rule many areas of business such as business registration, office management and maintenance of the legal and financial documentation.

A key part of the role of country manager will be a preparation of the monthly or quarterly reports on business efficiency.

Key responsibilities of the city manager

Development of business plans

“Regional leader” assumes a responsible role of all communications of the client: establishes “task-report-task” relations for all business processes to work correctly. To that end, the marketing strategies of the company’s development and sales increase are being designed.

Implementation of brand strategies

The manager is responsible for building the company’s brand in a particular country or region. His responsibilities include planning of a promotional theme, participation in the positioning of the products, the development of a global brand.

Reporting on progress

The regional leader should evaluate the success of the company, sales: report on the budget, increase or decrease in sales, new business processes.

Recruiting and staff training

Usually, the managers should also conduct the hiring and training of the staff in the customer’s country: staff selection, training, career planning and control of the professional development of staff members.

Advantages when hiring a country manager

It can be concluded that the country-manager is a kind of partner for doing business in another country. The Japanese divide these two concepts, at the same time, combine them into one concept with the same responsibilities.

For them, the country-manager is like the multifunctional operating mechanism of all the business ideas at the same time, then a partner is an integral system, by which mechanism defines its objectives and level of development.

The first one is more familiar with the mentality and the rules of the country, the second in addition orientates in customer’s business, connects key aspects of two mentalities during business decisions.


  Business ethics and culture

Hiring locals in another country can be extremely difficult, especially if you are trying to open an international branch: you don’t know the language, what topics not to touch on how to behave on etiquette.

There were cases when incorrectly used gesture could put an end to the business meeting and further cooperation.

This means that one professional local manager with knowledge of the mentality and the laws of this country can actually replace three of your best employees in the unknown business world. This leads to increased productivity and reduces financial losses.

 Command of language

The locals speak the language fluently and can manage the work using local resources. Often, companies choose their candidates and ignore the local staff with the better characteristics and experience in this territorial segment. It’s more comfortable to give the task to a professional with years of trust.

It is worth to get rid of fear and try international and modern services and to hire a qualified local manager and save time.

Strong contacts

Our world is ruled by contacts.

Coelho Paulo

Any business initially is the island without housing and people. For your island to become inhabited, you should determine what you can offer and find your clients-foreigners.

Agree, how easier it will be if the local captain from some far away country will quickly gather a group of those who wish and quickly come to you?!

 Cooperation: wage or % of the profit

We’re overpaying him, but he’s worth it.

Samuel Goldwyn, founder of Samuel Goldwyn Productions

Country-manager is a freelance employee of international class. Such professionals often have an MBA, CIMA, ACCA, CFA, CIA diploma or CV with two or even three higher educations. It is therefore evident that a specialist will choose payment – time rate or a percent.

  • Time rate

Hiring such a specialist takes a longer time of cooperation than usual cooperation with the freelancer. Such kind of manager is hired for the serious and large-scale projects: you delegate him your executive duties or your rights to legal formalities in the country of the order.

  • The interest payment

As mentioned above, this cooperation is like a mini-partnership: the manager can offer the interest condition of the profits of the business, a successful project or sale. Often such a specialist has many years of experience in the field of services, thereby selling you his/her knowledge.

According to statistics, local managers earn in foreign projects per month more than their hardworking colleagues in the office. The remote manager sets up his/her hourly rate, selects projects and manages time. The most important thing – the payment is in the foreign currency.

For example, a specialist from any other city can get a job in Apple for a salary of $100,000 per year working from home. the perfect choice of candidates

Today most of the companies are working on a universal business platform with the ability of fast communication with customers, partners, investors, and suppliers worldwide.

In addition to the aforesaid, it became profitable to hire foreigners for managerial positions with the aim of creating a multicultural work team.

For example, USA, UK, Canada, and Australia have been using the services of Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Japan, China, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, and Singapore for a long time.

Our business platform B2B (Business-to-Business) offers the search of the experienced country-managers represented by international agents in all countries and cities (from Asia and America to Europe). Our staff will help you to choose the country-manager based on the complexity of the task and the desired result.

Make a choice at today and open new horizons for your business!




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