The right to be lazy: How to work less and be happy

The right to be lazy: How to work less and be happy


Laziness lives in each of us like “little devil” it tries to persuade to give up and dive into the “seal-like rest” until completion of business. The desire to go easy cultivates our laziness.

In the business world many customers and teleworkers impose themselves a sense of undeserved guilt for “slow solutions” and “pauses in the work”.

The appearance of laziness

Nowadays everyone is in a hurry to be on time, setting champion’s high-speed start with minimal chance to be first at the finish. Therefore, they try to immediately respond to messages, mobile calls and are afraid of the deadline.

 Now it is fashionable to communicate from anywhere in the world via the World Wide Web from the aircraft or talk to the chef relaxing among the palms and the sea.

Marilyn Maklovits wrote an amazing book about workaholics, where is a clearly visible modern trend to be online 24 hours a day “: besides the fact that a freelancer or remote agent is ready to work overtime, they answer to all calls and letters 24 hours seven days per week. “

Customers in their turn are eager to cover as many projects as possible, drinking tons of caffeine and taking the main responsibility for more complex tasks.

As a result, there is a wild feeling of fatigue and nervousness. No desire to work and mother-laziness invites to relax and wind down.


Laziness: problem or reason?

In Germany, economists have conducted a number of international studies: 70 percent of workers from 27 countries have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the balance between work and “just life”.

In turn, the United States has filed the next protest “Workaholism leads to laziness.” After some time, a lot of best-sellers appeared: The lazy way to success”, “The importance of being lazy”, “Lazy guide to success”.

It is important to be able to conduct complex tasks/projects and to find the best solution how to handle this with minimal cost in time and investment.

A large part of the homo sapiens uses only logical thinking, therefore, makes a huge mistake: the brain literally starts to rush in the head, looking for the right ideas, and it stumbles at the “mental rubbish”.

 Everything is much easier. Laziness is the reason why you are tired.

Twenty-four-hour freelance: How to have time to enjoy life

Slow decisions

According to studies of 2001, European Foundation, which is responsible for the Conditions of Life and Work revealed to the world a new topic “Pressure on an employee in the European countries”. Then many, a man agreed that for the employee it is important to adhere to the “slow” (lazy) principle of working in order to avoid stress and fill themselves with creative ideas.

Author Robert Kriegel in his bestseller “How to succeed in business, not driving yourself in with the work,” advises to do a little “lazy minutes” during the working day. You can just lock the door for 15 minutes, sit back and do breathing exercises “deep breaths, in and out”.

Healthy sleep

Those who harnessed themselves like a horse in work have a risk of a heart attack. If a person sleeps less than five hours per day, the risk increases.

Physical and emotional breakdown leads to an unwillingness to work. It’s time to put yourselves into the hands of the “lazy sleep”: let the legs feel heavy, eyes closed, and you stop thinking.

Try three times a week to go to sleep before 22.00: the time of deceleration of all processes in the body, deceleration of all processes in the body, secreted somatotropic hormone is secreted. Agenesis and cleansing of the tissues begins.

So if you work a lot, it would be the perfect minimum option to somehow recover your superpowers of a workaholic.

Motivation dreams

Tips above are more than important for a happy and fulfilling life, when you want and are willing to work, have time to enjoy workdays and weekends.

According to Maslow’s pyramid at the top are “aesthetic needs” and they are the most difficult to be reacheed.


Take for example Google:

One of the most powerful companies in the world – a modern office with free food and services.

Employees have the opportunity to play sports right in the office. And for them, it’s developed the Program 20% to gift to the workers a dream to freely manage the time for any project. The company considers: such projects often generate new brands. This excellent motivates and inspires.

Therefore, on the opinion of the employees of the global giant Google, it is a dream company.

Time management in freelancing: how to overcome laziness in work

Even the most hard-working freelancer, the agent or the customer himself sooner or later faces the problem of procrastination. It is important to learn to plan working and free time, so as to learn to accept laziness as a “cause” and not “problem”.

    1. Paper planning. Take a sheet of paper, create a list of active customers, projects-in-process. Under each project, make a sublist of tasks for the month, determine the time and provide income. Than do all electronically.
    2. 30 minutes for a task. Split the day for 2 important and 3 minor tasks. For each task spare a half hour and a break. So you can avoid the desire to “switch” on e-mail, social networks or even being distracted.
    3. Make away with the messengers for 4 hours. After a week you will feel the result of your performance: scheduled tasks are fast done, then smaller tasks and questions are easily done too. You are not get distracted by the “sudden proposals” and “urgent tasks”, which take 50 % of your time.
    4. Use timer/tracker. In other words, a desktop or a mobile timer or plug-in. You enter a list of monitored tasks and then make conclusions, where you lose the most of the time.
    5. CRM – General report. This know-how in the field of business to monitor the financial performance and efficiency of your project. When it is important that all data (letters, negotiations, transactions) are brought into a coherent picture.
    6. Alarm clock for the rest. In addition to planning tasks, it is necessary to put a 10-minute reminder to eat, drink, play sports or simply to take the eyes from the monitor or project. You can get involved into the work that you’re out of time and forget about everything. Create funny timers “15 sit-ups”, “a walk in the park”, “call a friend “.
    7. The calendar with the fields. Eliminate the stickers, papers, notes. Select 1-2 important records and write them down on a particular day.
    8. Say “No” to multitasking. You only think that the more tasks, the more and again more money. The price for this is the incessant stress, insomnia, and procrastination again. Do tasks sequentially, allocating time for the rest.
  • Work on your own terms. The boss can’t be always right as the customer. Otherwise, you become as “a hamster in a wheel” and run. As a result, failed deadlines, unpaid wages, low prices and complete lack of life. There is not only laziness, you’d want to hang yourself. To avoid this, take a good custom: in advance to specify the finances, working minutes, the process of communication, the scheme of remuneration.
  • Treat yourself. The working day must also have a framework. When there is free time after you have completed the tasks of the day, encourage yourself with your favorite music, read a good book, do some sport or cook a favorite dish. And the best reward for you is a healthy sleep.

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