The difference between freelancer or teleworker from the agent -

The difference between freelancer or teleworker from the agent


Who is a freelancer?

Independent Freelancer is a term to describe the activities of an “indefatigable” person who organizes his/her workday by him/herself and is not attached to a specific employer.

They can be compared with the heroes: they are not afraid of the absence of retirement savings and volatile fluctuations of the labor market.

According to the Freelancers Union in 2017 more than 55 million Americans choose free-activities with a total income – 1 000 000 000 000 of dollars a year.

Freelance business is a great business model, with which you will immediately receive a “labor ticket” for the exchange of all kinds of online projects and interesting orders without the additional charges.

Having worked in this sphere for some time, it appears that it is a new field of business services: you’re selling the knowledge, experience and professional skills (psychologist, financier, diplomat, manager).

This means that the freelancer gets a unique chance to choose any order and at the same time has an opportunity to develop himself constantly: your knowledge is updated with new fields, from medicine to art.

 The free employee is also restricted in some of the possibilities in his free-activity.

Good advice for a freelancer

 Choose interesting job offers

 It is important to understand that in one night you can’t do all. On the one hand, inspiration and imaginative creativity are the main sources of motivation for the free worker. On the other – their frequent absence because of everyday problems and accidents sometimes creates a huge “black hole“, like “sucking in” all the projects and orders in one pile.

Prepayment: safe cooperation

A free worker has no social protection, so that at any moment a fatal payback may come for your free work. You submit the order – the customer refuses to pay. Prepayment is your reliable financial protection from such uncultured customers.


Competent terms of reference (TOR) is a 50% success of the order

It is necessary previously to determine the volume of the order to avoid such a mistake as unpaid work. Terms of reference – is a guarantee-document with a short list of required work details: deadlines, job description, budget and prepayment, the scope of work, responsibilities of the parties.

 Completed portfolio: the guarantee of regular orders

14 world sites for recruitment of freelancers:

  • Upwork
  • Total
  • Elance
  • Craigslist
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • Peopleperhour
  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • Leaf Group
  • College Recruiter
  • freelance
  • FL

They all offer an invaluable and free service “Portfolio by your own”. You create your account, fill in the data about successfully completed projects, get feedback. You work for the portfolio than it works for you.

4 types of freelancers

   FREELANCER# 1. Part-time employment. Freelancer is aimed at the refill of income after the day’s work or trying to launch his freelance business and turn it into stable earnings.

   FREELANCER # 2. Full-time employment. Free employee performs a variety of projects for multiple clients simultaneously. It’s selected hourly or project rates.

   FREELANCER# 3. A contract with fixed deadlines. It’s suitable for those who like the stable job with regular customers and are satisfied with one source of income.

   FREELANCER# 4. Professional level of the freelancing when your experience and knowledge is used in a large project to create or develop a business. Step by step, the freelancer moves on to the role of the “selling” agent of his many years of experience.

Who is a teleworker?

The remote employee (US “teleworker”) is a remote work without being attached to the work at the office. It is necessary to distinguish the work of freelancer and employee outside the office: the first one is his own man and the second one has obligations to a legitimate employer.

According to analytical data from FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics about the remote work in the US in 2017, there are more than 2.9 million employees, who spend more than a half of the working time away from the office.

4 types of activities

Remote tasks

What is the remote work? The employee occupies the position where he has the opportunity to fulfill his responsibilities outside the main office. Remote jobs can include work from home, coffee shop or during road trips (eg. outlets, subsidiary offices, regional offices). Some remote tasks include a combination of work at home and in the office.

Virtual work

It is 100% activities under the home office with access to all telecommunications. The term “virtual” is often used to describe the position of teleworker with a personal mini-office. Companies that do not have a physical office, often call themselves “virtual company”. A virtual employee is a great term to search on if you have a goal to work from home or from another remote location.


Mobile employee

“Work on the move” – at the time of movement. Teleworker has given a part of tasks that he/she can take with him/her, even if he/she plans to visit several places on business throughout the working day. Mobile work includes writing and text/letter/document editing, mailing, and study activities with which the remote employee can easily cope in any convenient place.

Digital Nomad

The updated version of the teleworker. The employee doesn’t just work remotely with access to the Internet and constant communication with the office but also is trying to choose an exclusive space to work. Simply put, he creates a “romantic” work environment: place on the beach, open landscapes, picnic in the woods or at the cottage.


At some points working at home is the back side of the digital nomad. Many employers that offer work at home expect that candidates will have equipped their own home office with the ability to contact them at any time. Recently, everything has been minimized. For example, the employer may offer a workspace with the provision of regular reporting on results. Or, as it’s decided in the business world to say, ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) – work based on the results of labor.

Who is an online agent?

Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to such possibilities as remote work from any corner of the world. You like rolling stone are free to travel around the world, to earn money and retain a great job.

In addition, you are often outdoors, that means saturate your body with oxygen and improve health. It has been proven that the brain works better with good blood circulation: hyperactivity, stamina, excellent focus. Thus, you are investing in your resources – they pay tribute to you as a result of your best works.

An agent is a new type of activity for the business sphere. It’s a  bit similar to the freelancer and teleworker but has a huge difference. As it was mentioned earlier, the freelancer can begin to fulfill the role of an agent, after reaching a certain status of a professional executor.


  3 main criteria for the agent

  • Extensive experience: the agent sells not the knowledge but the services of the experience in a specific field.
  • Personal qualities: high time-management, higher education, languages.
  • Stable reputation: a loyal customer prefers relations based on trust.

Agents are among us

It can be a software developer, system analyst, consultant for tourism, the representative of customer service, Program Manager, IT analyst, SEO specialist, Clinical Trials Manager, Health Advisor, editor, therapist, Executive Director, Site Manager, territory sales manager, etc.

All these people sooner or later are wondering how to improve their income and minimize costs of travel and time. Moreover, most of them have the leadership qualities that have not needed to apply before.

Business platform for agents is a chance to try to show all their skills and experience in international and interesting projects from customers around the world.

The advantages of the agent position

This is an opportunity to:

✔ Make new business contacts.

✔ Get access to new info-sources.

✔ To enter into partnerships.

✔ Find a niche for your own business.

Comparative analysis: 3 types of executors


Executor Freelancer Remote employee Agent


free schedule full-time free schedule
work from anywhere in the world without attaching to the place work around the world, international cooperation
non-staff worker staff worker supervisor for himself


 order→pre-payment→fulfilment→money task→task→salary project→guarantee-payment→fulfilled task→money→adding to the portfolio
free professional with flexible work schedule, time limits of the interim orders strict compliance with corporate standards, the employment contract and job duties steady growth of the reputation

professional development,

building a base of loyal customers

keeping a personal vacation and holidays schedule social security (social insurance, vacation, weekend) international platform –

reliable and secure platform for cooperation,

new people – new travel



deadline of the order forms an evaluation of professional work,

no pension

to lose a job failing to follow the requirements of the legitimate employer your failures will become known worldwide if you do the job of poor quality,

no pension optimization of costs and time

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