Selection of specialists by staff recruitment

Selection of specialists by staff recruitment


Staff recruitment is a more professional level of interaction between an employer and a future employee. Generally, initiators are general directors and owners. They can look for a specialized employee themselves or with help of authorized persons. They know immediately who should be aligned with and, possibly, where such a future employee works.  The task is to persuade the best candidate to agree to almost the best job in his life for a short period of time.

An important point in hiring a specialist is a direct contact with a strong candidate in order to find out what he expects from his job and his life priorities. At the right time, there is a proposal to change the place of work with better conditions and higher wages. The enormous success of the potential employee’s interest lies with the goal of creative realization – the most powerful motivation for professional and highly paid employees.

Main features of staff recruitment

 Recruitment – is the engagement of employees for a vacant position. Its objectives include:
getting familiarized with information about the enterprise
trying to attract a special interest to the organization
providing accurate information about requirements
causing a desire for cooperation


Types of recruitment are as follows:

  1.  Active. It is organized directly by the company, by hr-specialist.
  2. Passive. Originates from a private person who is interested in cooperation.
  3. External recruiting. Search for employees outside the company.
  4.  Internal recruiting. Hiring staff within the company.

 Through intermediaries or the labor exchange, agencies, employment services, and consultants.

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