"Secret shopper" – a quality assessment agent

“Secret shopper” – a quality assessment agent


A secret shopper acts as a scout with an important mission to “secretly” assess the quality of service of your company or restaurant, salon, store. He makes a sudden visit to your outlet or directly to an office of the company, makes a purchase, asks employees about the service of the brand, then draws conclusions for you. This is a modern look from the point of view of a potential customer “in a mask”. An employee does not suspect that he fell under his professional sights and will soon receive an evaluation of his work.

There are several types of secret shoppers:

  • Secret shopping. During the process, the employee’s professional skills are assessed at the moment of communication with the “ready” customer: acquaintance, identification of needs, presentation of goods, work with objections and completion of a transaction.  
  • Secret visiting. The main emphasis is exclusively on advising on goods and services: evaluation of goods for the customer and feedback.
  • Secret calls. “Hot call” effect: a customer is ready to buy goods, it is necessary to bring the conversation to the deal.
  • Internet secret shopping: Checking through online means to leave the application and evaluate the promptness of the response.
  • Secret service: The quality of the maintenance service of maintenance and technical services is checked.


Online shopper from agent.biz

All companies want the customer to be always happy. For this, it is necessary to find out what is needed for this and what is missing. An international specialist from our online service will take on tasks:

  1. to check the qualitative work of staff;
  2. to study the corporate spirit of employees;
  3. to consider “problem areas” at the time of service;
  4. to note the “best practices” of interaction with customers;
  5. to select a kind of secret shopper check.

Checking the work of employees “from the spot”

“Let’s work together and we will change the world” – it is the motto of the PWC company from Big 4, it is the leader in the market of professional audit companies. We also propose to “step into” online and try a new audit tool from agent.biz in the mode of cooperation via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

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