Search for information for a new business and business partner

Search for information for a new business and business partner


What is the Business travel industry (Business Travel)? The answer is in the words of the Managing Director of MICE (Meetings Incentives Conferences Exhibitions), Rob Davidson: “Business tourism is an ancient form of tourism in order to search for new business partnerships and business ideas through travel to other countries and cities.”

Before planning such a trip, it is necessary to create a visible platform of “where do you go” and “why”, as well as prepare the basis for business talks. It is important to gather information about potential customers and determine which is the best one to choose as a supplier abroad. Do you want to sell your product in the country of residence or, perhaps, in one of the economically developed countries of Europe? Here you need “live” information about the market and the product itself.

Live search for “live” information

Our online service offers you the services of searching for detailed and analytical data from an online manager. You just need to select a country for your task, leave a request and wait for an answer. A specialist in your area will provide a number of suggestions.

SEARCH is a new tool for the realization of your business tasks; you will collect the necessary information anywhere in the world with the help of professional skills of a specific specialist with command of language and good knowledge of the product or business task. The latter plays an important role in:
Marketing. The ratio of potential consumers and buyers.
Knowledge of the product. Product offer and service.
Definition of the trademark. The connection between the product and the brand name.
The purpose of advertising. Percentage balance between target consumers and customers.

What can our online service offer?

We give the opportunity to open new boundaries for business transactions and business events around the world. For you, there are specialists with professional experience in the field of “information retrieval on-the-spot”. Yet today you have a chance to start cooperating with any business partner without any restrictions on time and territory.

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