Reliable information retrieval from a manufacturer up to a business partner

Reliable information retrieval from a manufacturer up to a business partner


The history of the Internet dates back to the 1950s, and already in the 1980s, the British scientist Tim Berners began to implement the idea of the World Wide Web in reality. Today, advanced technologies have made significant progress. The Internet gives you the opportunity to work from the floor: Search for information, customers, and manufacturers anywhere in the world.

The second pleasant bonus is intellectual compensation, when you neither have command of a foreign language nor skills of a specialist if you want to find a supplier in Europe, to conduct an analysis of the market of potential customers. Then focused specialized agents and managers with professional skills of international level come to rescue.

 Search for information

If you have questions: “I have a business, how to find a customer abroad? I want to start selling my product. How to collect information about sales statistics and demand dynamics?” Our website offers services for information retrieval from an online agent. You set a task in a section Germany or Japan on a manufacturer of your products and make out an order. The agent easily accomplishes the task due to his language skills with access to any information around the world.

For example, you need to decide: “How and who should sell the European product in your city taking into account its recent entry into the market? “. To do this, you need to search for customers who want to purchase this product. Looking for potential customers is a weighty problem with a constant headache, a “theriac” from which is available on our online site. The specialist you choose will initially analyze the market, then sum up percentage and graphical ratio, and add information to the Excel document. Everything that will be convenient for you to work with and look for the selected category of customers.

Supplier search

Are you puzzled by where to find a good supplier with an acceptable price in accordance with the first-class quality of the product? To organize a successful business, a responsible and reliable supplier is needed, what makes 50 percent of the success. The agent from our site will select your future partner according to the analysis of:
an assortment of the product and its average market price
the amount of desired purchases
the speed of delivery
main features of the product
warranty service
and much more

Agent. biz is your successful search online.

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