Real estate for sale all over the world

Real estate for sale all over the world


The sale of real estate in another country or city is a systemic and lengthy process for which you can spend a lot of time and resources. The legislation is changing, and peculiarities of legal registration of real estate are different in various countries. A deal on the sale of real estate will be beneficial for you if you take care of details in advance, for example, find a reliable notary. This can be done by a specialist from, who will select a competent estate agent or a practicing lawyer for you.

Often, all transactions with real estate are tied to the exchange rate of foreign currency. While concluding the contract, square meters of office premises or shopping center are taken into account; with the option of a private house or cottage the house territory and auxiliary buildings are additionally taken into account.
When selling foreign real estate, you need to understand that this is a tedious procedure that includes: search for housing or premises; agreement on the initial value of an object, which depends on your goals: “sell urgently” or “profitable and more expensive”; presence of photos of an apartment or an office premise for a mini advertisement; signing a purchase agreement. All this can be done without leaving the country of residence.
Solution: online estate agent from
Discuss the price of an apartment or a room with the buyer
Define the deadline for signing the main contract
Agree on mandatory payment in case of termination of the contract

The specialist will also provide legal support, which includes:

  1.  Calculation of taxes and payments.
  2. Drawing up a report on the expert evaluation of the property.
  3.  Depositing by the buyer.
  4.  Preparation of documents for official registration of the object.


Profitable online sale of real estate

Specialists from have command of foreign languages and have access to information around the world. Mutually beneficial cooperation with an online estate agent guarantees you time and cost savings. As a result, you have extra time in the working schedule for new projects and tasks.

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