International Portfolio: 5 important points

International Portfolio: 5 important points


So, you are willing to try your luck in the amazing world of international business platform «at your place».

The first question is «Where to start?». We propose you to compile an international portfolio with your best and distinctive professional skills.

You need to lay a strong «foundation» for the presentation of your personality, as well as to choose the best bond-accent, which will draw the most attention to you and, perhaps, for a long time will consolidate your business relations with new foreign partners or permanent customers.

Let`s add to this a small story about your career ladder, reviews about your brightest and most impressive achievements, and here you become the lucky owner of the jackpot with plenty of offers from potential customers from different countries and cities.

Statistically, our brain remembers 90% of information visually, and only 43% are related to convincing speeches when you still manage to persuade the interlocutor in your direction.

So the international portfolio is your business card in the world of a million pixels of the world wide web. It is important for you to be noticed: you need to present yourself with all seriousness and responsibility.


What is the best way to fill out a portfolio?

It is important to win the heart and mind of your employees, and only then your best strategy or project can easily come true.

Rene West, President of Luxor and Excalibur Hotel

All you need is to win the «heart» of a client or potential agent: people like to build long-term business relations, as well as to make deals for the best projects with people they feel comfortable and easy with.

The first point in the portfolio

Name and Photo: how to make a first impression


The ability to inspire customer`s or agent`s trust is a feature of an attentive business person who initially aims at 100% success of the deal.

When registering on our website, you need to specify a real name.

This is how you immediately win over the customer for closer contact with you. As if the stage of acquaintance was passed and now you are on the road to sell your services profitable.


The more you are open the more trust you will have! Any business negotiations begin with an addressing by first name/father`s name/last name. Eventually «What you name a boat, so it will float». Mentioning a fake name or a “screaming” nickname will only scare you away and make you look more like a business beginner or even worse like an irresponsible employee. Your name and photo are your statements of self-respect, hence you get your customers` respect for you in return. In addition, international etiquette involves eye-to-eye contact during a handshake as a sign of respect.

Thus any customer or agent will appreciate you having a photo in the portfolio. They will have the opportunity to form the first opinion on you when they «greet him according to his clothes, take leave according to what he knows.»

Second point

1Kiang Profile Google ChromeLocation: how to get more projects

The business platform is your chance to find a customer or agent in any city or country «from your place».

Thus, we suggest that you initially indicate in your registration data your actual country of residence or stay.

Work «from any point» assumes a free activity schedule without binding to the office. But it may happen that your professional services will be needed directly at your place of residence.


Even if now you aim to run small projects and don`t want to act on behalf of the customer (opening a branch office, start a business, finding suppliers and signing contracts), you always have the right to change your mind.

And your portfolio, for now, will advertise you as an international specialist or business person.

Moreover, the more data about you in your portfolio, the higher you are in the search ranking, which means that you are one of the first the executive or client will notice.

The third point

Time is money: how to attract a loyal partner


If you work all day, you have no time to earn.

John Davison Rockefeller, the first official dollar billionaire in the history of mankind

It is fancy today to sell highly professional services in the business sphere, taking into account the time spent on the project instead of determining importance status of the task itself.

The latter may lead to a general agreement of additional interest or bonuses from the implementation of the completed project/service.

On website everyone can specify their price per hour of work. It is much more rational to save time and narrow search limits: you have the ability to exclude unwanted and low-value partners/customers/executives.

Fourth point

About me: how to increase the page view immediately


Often 20% of «people in search» don`t know what exactly they want and who they need. Some don`t even understand the social structures of global search.

This can be the first unsuccessful experience of the «seeker», or a tired businessman decided to take a little break and «surf» the freelance market just to see what is going on there.

This way of «free surfing» doesn`t mean a failure or zero results. On the contrary, sometimes this is how new projects are born, acquaintances with new partners.

Did you know that the «about me» page is the most visited page on any portal? For many people it is not easy to write about themselves, that`s why most candidates refuse to fill out this box.


Why do you need it and what will it give you? We have previously stressed that «the more there are details about you, the more trust you get.»

Besides, the international business market is a severe competition due to full access to any place on Earth. And it is your charisma, distinctive skills, creativity and perhaps even humor that can win additional «points» for your resume.

All agents when registering on our website, have an opportunity to tell about themselves. Try not to blend in, not to be like others, as well as staying in the hedge of business etiquette, how to present yourself properly.

Also, add some personal data: briefly mention something interesting about you, who you are or what you like to do.

Make a reader smile and remember you, it is one more point for you as for the candidate.

Fifth point

Professional data: short and informativelyFiger-Profile-Google-Chrome

As the saying tells, “haste makes waste”. It is impossible to haste everywhere, taking projects from different spheres of activities.

You should draw attention to your best results and achievements, of which you are 100% experienced and confident.

It is important to mention the most important professional information about you, otherwise, the executor or client may doubt in your possibilities to do the work.

International arena of business relations – it is a fair cup of scales, where each said word, offer or decision is estimated with conscience and business honor.


Your attempts to anticipate or to try to make unfamiliar project may cost you bad feedbacks.

It is another thing when you previously warn about your non-perfect knowledge but demonstrate a serious desire to do the work. Then it’s time for the customer to decide. suggests the version of easy and comfortable registration:

-To choose the categories of your skills in one click.

-Due to this portfolio will look stylish and not overload.

Use today our international platform B2B and make up the best portfolio with the possibility to tell the whole world about yourself!


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