How to get a strong arketing advice

How to get a strong arketing advice


Marketing consultation with an expert on the subject helps to bring your business to a new level and can serve as a decisive factor in overcoming financial crisis.

A professional assistant adviser is like a “lifesaver”, he will help you to check the course, choose an effective channel for promotion and review the strategy of your business concepts.

When should an external adviser be involved?

Truthful words of Bill Beck, the vice president of brand marketing for Whirlpool Corp, will be a great answer:

“I focus primarily on strategy. A adviser is an independent third party that is tremendously valuable in identifying gaps and areas of opportunity for a company. They are experts in their field in a particular industry or a sector. ”

It follows thence, the task to conduct a deep analysis of the market requires a more thorough immersion in the international business world. An independent specialist does his job efficiently and better understands what builds the “foundation” and “bricks” of your business project.

In turn, our platform is interested in solving a business crisis and creating a productive business platform. We offer the opportunity for you to find the best marketing adviser with extensive experience and many years of knowledge in a particular field.


How does an external expert work?

In words of Arson Oakland creative director, Mr. Matt Morin:

“I think that every time a CEO doesn’t get the expected results, he should think about bringing in an expert from outside. In the worst case, he will receive an analysis of unrealistic expectations of his ideas or projects. In the best one, he will receive promising marketing advice and enrich his business. ”

The starting program of the adviser is based on 2 main tasks, each of which leads to its effective finish. As a rule, the owner of the company raises the question of “Solving a specific problem” or “Searching for a new perspective for his business creation”.

And again, Bill Back suggests that we consider the position of an independent third party when the adviser offers the option of “impulsive business verification” based on a dynamic business environment. We will assume that the heart of the company is a successful business management, and a rhythmic pulse is how your ideas and concepts are effectively applied in business.

External expert program

  • It draws increased attention not only to analysis of the market, but also to recommendations from potential customers.
  • Emphasizes the predominantly new way of thinking of the owner of the company. Brings in a kind of “refreshing” and “enrichment” of the vision of traditions of doing business if the company’s history has many years of experience.
  • Marks missed opportunities in management and production strategies, thereby giving additional “powerful armor and weapons” into hands of a business organizer.
  • Afterwards, he may offer elements of a business model with implementation of these recommendations for effective interaction between the customer and a completer in accordance with international market norms.

What is the result of activity of a marketing adviser?

The biggest marketing secret for professionals, advisers, and international businesses is how to attract well-paying clients on a regular and consistent basis.

Oddly enough, many believe that marketing consultation is too time consuming and expensive. And even if they choose a business development program, most are frustrated by lack of results.

But this is easily compensated if you work with a professional analyst and adviser of international class. And our business platform has professional CVs of many such specialists with higher education, language skills and extensive experience in a particular sector of the market from anywhere in the world.


Let us consider possible proposals of advisers, for example:

  • The adviser may recommend to abandon cold calls and switch to a new business model, thereby increasing the quality of work with potential customers and increasing profits from closed deals.
  • Recommend the use of an information website and focus on selling information products to increase revenue.
  • Use the “thinking leader” model and choose one of 4 behavioral models (competitive, cooperative, masculine and feminine one) in order to get a return on business investment.
  • Try publishing and public speaking in order to transfer business from regional to national practice, thereby expanding sales boundaries.
  • And much more.


Let’s consider top 5 most successful experts in the world, including:

  1. Dan Siroker is the main founder of the Optimizely company. Optimizes websites and Mobile app. Dan was appointed the head of the information and technical department for analysis of the electoral program of Barack Obama. He has a lot of articles about web technologies.
  2. Tommy Walker is a successful representative of digital marketing, a well-known publicist and popular personality on television. His articles occupy niches of such famous blogs as ProBlogger and Hubspot. Performs as a moderator in the “Inside The Mind” program.
  3. Quinn Wissen is the founder of the Vertical Measures marketing company. Develops business strategies for Business-to-Business companies; often speaks at seminars, telling about the best way to promote brands.
  4. Michael Litt is the founder and the best adviser in the field of video marketing and Vidyard company. Michael’s works are published on the subject of marketing using streaming media, when information is distributed through telecommunications through streaming.
  5. Blake Pinker, the founder on marketing of the MVMT Watches company. He has a huge experience in business development through attracting new loyal customers through new informational outlets to Snapchat. His articles are a whole library about content strategies for e-commerce brands.

сconsult “on-the-spot” marketing experts

Why is it worth working with us?

First. Our main advantage is that you can find a specialist in any city around the world.

Second. Another individual feature is that every international CV on our B2B platform is supported by a professional knowledge base and reviews about each agent in a particular industry.

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