Headhunters. Who are they and what are they doing

Headhunters. Who are they and what are they doing


The strength of every company is dependent on its weakest link. Except for businesses that require only the founder’s participation, most businesses run like machines are made up of different components.

The different components work together to form the machine, any part not functioning properly can compromise the integrity and the quality of the service.

It is this reason why the sort of employees working in a company is very important.

Who works for you, how they carry out their duties should be a priority for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Aside from the strength of a company is almost wholly dependent on the sort of the employees at the company. The employees also affect the growth of a company.

At the start of a company, the quality of a employees is usually not given too much thought as the company is still young and the number of staff is likely to be limited which gives the owner the ability to oversee the day to day running of the company and ensure things are run accordingly.

When the company starts to experience growth, it becomes necessary to enlist people that will enable this growth, carry the vision of its owners and take the company to the next stage. More emphasis becomes placed on the types of employee needed for a particular position to facilitate this growth.

Most mid and large scale business are aware of this necessity and in order to get the right employees from the pool of qualified individuals around the world, they enlist the service of Headhunters.

Although they can choose to recruit internally through their human resources department a lot of companies still seek the service of independent recruitment agencies. These agencies are called Headhunters.



Who is a headhunter

A headhunter can simply be defined as an individual or company that specializes in providing employment services. They are also referred to as executive recruiter since their functions are usually executive search. They are also called third-party recruiters since the act of enlisting the service of a headhunter is done when a company is unable to fill a particular position by themselves. Headhunters are known to search aggressively for people that would fill in a particular position.

There are basically two types of headhunting firms which are distinguished by the  sort of contract they have with their employers regarding payments:

They are Contingency Recruiters and Retainer Recruiters.

1.Contingency recruiters

These type of contingency recruiters provide candidates for a particular position to a company according to the needs and requirements of that position. However, they do not get paid unless one of their candidates is successfully employed in that position. This means they do not get paid commission unless the position is subsequently filled by a candidate of theirs. Their payment which is usually a commission is usually a given percentage of the annual position they are filling for.

2.Retained recruiters 

Although retained recruiters are compensated with a percentage of the salary they are providing candidates for like the contingency recruiters. They get paid regardless if the job is filled or not. Their job entails that they basically provide qualified candidates for a particular position whether or not their candidates are picked has no effect on the payment of their service. Retained recruiters are usually in a contract which gives them exclusivity with their employers. They usually have no competition with other recruiters.

Positions that retained recruiters are usually asked to fill are usually high-level with base salaries of $250,000

There are also Hybrid Recruiters

3.Hybrid recruiters 

In some cases, the contract between recruiters and the company seeking their service is a bit of both retained recruiters and contingency recruiters. It is a hybrid of both. In such cases, they are paid to provide a list of candidates to fill a particular position and there is furthermore compensation paid If the position is successfully filled by one of its candidates.


How headhunters hunt

Headhunters are hired by companies that seek their service to fill a particular position and for that reason, their loyalty lies with their employers and not the job candidates. Although their compensation is a percentage of the position’s annual salary, the compensation is paid by the company

Before headhunters commence their search they first obtain a job description from the company; The job description details the requirements and expectations of the possible candidate for a particular job filling.

Once they have acquired the detailed job description, they begin to search for candidates who meet the requirements of the position. Firstly they look into their database; it is this reason why many candidates ensure that headhunters are aware of any significant change like a new degree or a change in job.

From that point, they look out for referrals from some of their contacts which are usually people that they have successfully placed before; most likely executives.

Once they have been able to get their potential candidates they go ahead to contact them via either email or call.

To make yourself marketable and visible to headhunters if you are in search of a new position, it is advisable to be active and visible on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn e.t.c

After reaching out to potential candidates, an interview is carried out by the headhunters themselves to prune the list. Usually, the interview is done on phone and candidates that pass screening successfully are usually called upon for a face to face interview.

It is after the final screening that the headhunter compiles a final list which is sent to the company.

If ultimately at the end of the day none of the candidates are picked depending on the contract between company and headhunters, headhunters might get paid or might not.

Contingency recruiters will not get paid while retainers will receive their percentage of the particular job filling regardless of the outcome.

In making yourself visible on social media it is good to note the sort of information put on your social media page especially since you are seeking out the attention of headhunters. If and when they pick an interest in you. They will be put off by any negative information visible about you; criminal records and public misbehavior is a great put off for headhunters when looking for a candidate.


Quality of a good headhunter

One great quality of a good headhunter is that he is able to know easily without too much effort who is a great fit for a particular job filling. A good headhunter has a great sense of judgment since it is his work to pick qualified people for a particular position.

Agent Biz possesses all the great qualities of a great headhunting service as we pool in from the vast database of available candidates to select the best candidates for every position, regardless of whatever position you are looking to fill in your business organization you are sure to get the best the world has to offer with us.


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