Growth Of A Company

Growth of a company


Businesses today are affected by the various economic and cultural changes that continually happen every day in the world. These changes have become increasingly erratic the past few years making it incredibly difficult for a business to predict. For a business to be successful it has to adjust to these changes. Every business, startup desires growth.

There is the fear of not being able to acquire customers for new startups and the fear of losing already existing customer for pre-existing businesses. For these reasons, stagnancy is a threat to every business new or old. It poses a fatal threat to the growth of a business and could lead in its eventual death.

It is necessary therefore for every business to grow and develop itself according to the global changes. Companies must be flexible and willing to grow in order to attain success and development which increase the durability of every business. Some business experience growth for a short while after which they hit a stumbling block and growth is no longer experienced.

Sometimes at the early stages of this stagnancy, it is not visible that the company has become stagnant as profit is still being accrued but in the long run this stagnancy begins to reflect in many facets of a company’s health.

The changes in one part of the world could affect your business what was working before might stop working as a result of the new change in global dynamics some of the most successful people in the world are aware the stagnancy is detrimental to the health of every business and continually strive to grow their businesses. This is the reason why we have companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google delving into more research, doing more surveys, employing more workers and investing in training services for their employees.

It is not because their existing modules do not already generate a lot of money but because they understand one fundamental fact which is that when a business stops growing it is the day it starts the journey to its death. 


As an entrepreneur or business owner now you have understood the importance of growth in your business you might want to grow your business but have no clue whatsoever how to go about it or what practices to employ to bring effective growth to your business. We worry not because below stated are some practices on how to grow your business, develop it and further avoid stagnancy.

      Getting the right team

A vital component of every company is the personnel. The employee form different arms of the company or an enterprise. Like bits of an engine, they all do their bits to ensure efficiency. If at any point in time apart or some parts of the machine is not functioning properly this will affect the entire output of the company. For this reason, it is important to hire the right people. In small companies or startups. It is way easier to manage personnel as a result of the size but in a larger corporation. The owner has to delegate power to people in the form of the department heads. If the owner is able to hire the right people, inculcate his dreams and hopes into them the company will be able to perform smooth and hitch free. Get the right team on the ground is an absolute necessity for growth. Bad personnel can lead to stagnancy and the even worse further relegation of a company. Nobody wants that or do you?

Establishinq revenue sources

It is great to acquire new customers, every company wants to broaden their customer base. This is great this is needed but sometimes in the pursuit of new customers, some companies neglect their preexisting customers which is the first step down the hill. Existing customers serve as the structures of revenue sources, before trying to acquire new customers lock in the pre-existing customers. Turn your existing customers into loyalists. This way you would have a constant stream of buyers whom regardless of condition will buy and purchase for you. Build relationships with your existing customers, make them feel part of the company this will imbue a bit of sentiment into them and make them loyalists. The importance of strengthening these bases cannot be emphasized as not only does it guarantee you a constant cash flow but it also grants you the courage to take more risks business wise.


Be flexible

The changes that occur in the market are like the wind; It is erratic, unpredictable and has a great impact on how we deal with our business. For a business to grow it must be able to bend to the changes in the market as soon as possible. In this new age of the internet, the likelihood of a business similar to yours already existing is close to a hundred percent. What differentiates you from the other is very little, the competition is very tight. It is for this reason why adaptability has become the hallmark of every successful business. What works yesterday would probably not work today. A great example is the dotcom boom, a lot of companies that refused to transition with the changes in the market have likely withered away. This is the consequence of not moving in with the times. To grow you must be able to adapt very quickly, monitor trends and know when to leap next.

Be creative

Like stated above, there are tons of companies in the world. No matter the niche you are into there is someone there already and people will come after you. For this reason for your business to thrive in the overly-competitive clime. One has to be very creative. Your product has to be different. Owners have to make their product stand out. They can be creative in packaging or marketing employ techniques that would grab a hold a people’s mind. People are likely to go for the different than what seems an obvious copy or repetition of existing products. Ask yourself these vital questions when crafting your product or marketing plan.

What do I offer different?

Why would I go for my product over others?

How do I capture people’s mind?

Improve customer experience

Every company or business requires customers. They are the reason why your business exists. For this reason, it is important to improve the customer experience. By improving the customer service one directly makes an impact on the perception customers have of your company or product. This allows the company to grow and increases the chances of retaining these customers. Listen to what customers have to say, It is necessary to know what they think. Where they feel you could improve and where you are doing great already. This will allow you to do way better, craft products that will satisfy customers better.

Growth is imperative to every business and with these methods and steps you will be able to achieve growth with your company and escape stagnancy.


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