Effective consulting from an online lawyer

Effective consulting from an online lawyer


Legal consulting is a demanded service with an element of insurance for your business. Countries develop, laws change. A lawyer will ensure and exclude the effect of the “Bermuda Triangle”: loss of documents, lack of accountability, illegal transactions.

Why does your business or start-up need a lawyer?

A lawyer will notice when everything is going according to plan and safely. But as soon as there are problems, financial losses or risks of a dispute – the absence of a lawyer for business becomes noticed immediately. Agent.biz is made for business and ideas to be implemented with minimal risk and without loss of finance or reputation. On the platform, you will find lawyers, solicitors, tax advisers in any country in the field you need.

Every day, beginning entrepreneurs and business leaders are faced with a real “Chinese wall” of unfamiliar legal concepts and situations in the international market of sales and investments. Business owners and general directors are “gods” and “creators” of their business ideas, which successfully delegate tasks. The time of successful people is worth money, so they often resort to services of a lawyer to minimize risks and complete transactions in accordance with the current legislation.

        Questions on real estate: legal aspect

Do you want to buy a land plot for an office, buy or sell a business in Europe? You will be fully immersed in the legislative world, close communication with banks and registration authorities.

On issues of the land plot, it is necessary to check the absence of encumbrances, claims of third parties and absence of disputes in courts. A real estate agent cannot always be useful. More effective and faster will it be to address a lawyer on land issues.

It will be necessary to solve a lot of informational, legal, financial and psychological problems. In this case, our online lawyers from agent.biz are your reliable professional assistants.



Tasks of an online lawyer from agent.biz

  • Legal “insurance” of business. Provide the customer with the necessary information in the field of commercial law and tax legislation.
  • Transactions on real estate: Will check the legality of the transaction, determine the list of important documents; will offer the best loan options in a bank; hold preliminary negotiations; issue a deal; will protect the customer from losing finance.
  • Legal support and registration of the object. Work with documents and analysis of contracts, issuance of opinions on key issues, interact with government agencies and obtain licenses.

Legal consulting “from the spot”

When you break the law, you are fined, when you do everything rightly, you are being taxed. To create and run a business successfully, it is worth doing everything lawfully and timely. Beneficial cooperation around the world Our online service is a platform for B2B in the face of customers and contractors.

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