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Rent of residential and commercial objects “on-the-spot”


Rent is an effective way of using a mobile or immobile estate for a contractual fee. Land plots, apartments, vehicles, and equipment are rented more often than yachts, houses or jewelry. Abroad they successfully use the system of credit and lease for a long time not only for real estate but also interior items, kitchenware, electronics and more. This is very trendy as being aimed at “saving”, “partial payment for time” or a “try and look” option. 

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Real estate for sale all over the world


The sale of real estate in another country or city is a systemic and lengthy process for which you can spend a lot of time and resources. The legislation is changing, and peculiarities of legal registration of real estate are different in various countries. A deal on the sale of real estate will be beneficial for you if you take care of details in advance, for example, find a reliable notary. This can be done by a specialist from agent.biz, who will select a competent estate agent or a practicing lawyer for you.

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A new online service when buying a commercial or residential property


Buying real estate in the country of “desires” is a guaranteed investment in a beautiful bright future. You can purchase your dream home or a prestigious apartment, storage room or a subsidiary anywhere in the world, which gives you the opportunity to plan a successful relocation or successful business start-up on an international platform.

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Online solution for all real estate issues


Most people around the world are considering buying or renting real estate as an opportunity to protect their savings and invest them in a reliable asset.
• Perhaps you want to make a pleasant home purchase in Cyprus or in Egypt?
• Or do you want to find a good office space or warehouse property?
• Do you plan to build a shopping center and look for suitable land plot abroad?
• Do you have a house in the village by inheritance and do you think how to sell it profitably?

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