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7 mistakes when hiring a contractor remotely


The remote employee is not a property: or what are the mistakes of the customer

To dispel your incorrect assumptions about freelancing, further in this article we will analyze the most fatal mistakes when hiring such employees out of the office.

For the beginning let’s sweeten your interest  with the information about 5 worldwide-known freelancers in the world who have made a rich contribution to the development of human history:

  • Ray Kroc was in the list of “100 best people in the world.” He founded McDonald’s.
  • Walter Elias Disney – a founder, photographer, and designer “Walt Disney“.
  • Alfred Nobel – a genius in the field of physiology, biology, and electrochemistry.
  • Ernest Hemingway – the representative of world literature classics.
  • Charles Dickens – the great English novelist and writer.

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Employee check is a pleasant process


A valuable employee is a valuable labor resource for the company and the enterprise as a whole. As one famous businessman said: “Take away my finances and I will earn again, take away my team, and I will lose all business”. You invest in the success and professionalism of your employees when you care about their social package, skills development, and wages. It is important for you to maintain the status and name of the company, so every workforce unit is important. Perfection and prestige should be seen in all valuable staff. A person is a face of a company.

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