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International Portfolio: 5 important points


So, you are willing to try your luck in the amazing world of international business platform Agent.biz «at your place».

The first question is «Where to start?». We propose you to compile an international portfolio with your best and distinctive professional skills.

You need to lay a strong «foundation» for the presentation of your personality, as well as to choose the best bond-accent, which will draw the most attention to you and, perhaps, for a long time will consolidate your business relations with new foreign partners or permanent customers.

Let`s add to this a small story about your career ladder, reviews about your brightest and most impressive achievements, and here you become the lucky owner of the jackpot with plenty of offers from potential customers from different countries and cities.

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Headhunters. Who are they and what are they doing


The strength of every company is dependent on its weakest link. Except for businesses that require only the founder’s participation, most businesses run like machines are made up of different components.

The different components work together to form the machine, any part not functioning properly can compromise the integrity and the quality of the service.

It is this reason why the sort of employees working in a company is very important.

Who works for you, how they carry out their duties should be a priority for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Aside from the strength of a company is almost wholly dependent on the sort of the employees at the company. The employees also affect the growth of a company.

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The right to be lazy: How to work less and be happy


Laziness lives in each of us like “little devil” it tries to persuade to give up and dive into the “seal-like rest” until completion of business. The desire to go easy cultivates our laziness.

In the business world many customers and teleworkers impose themselves a sense of undeserved guilt for “slow solutions” and “pauses in the work”.

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How to fight laziness


Laziness can be defined as the desire to do nothing or to stay idle. Laziness is a huge deterrent to productivity, and productivity is necessary to attain success. Success is an output of productivity.

One can only achieve success in a venture, only if one is productive at it.  The time spent watching television, surfing the internet could be put into achieving things that would steer your life towards success. It is not that it is wrong to have time for oneself, human beings are not machines. After so much time is spent working, a period of relaxation and rest is needed in order to recuperate. However, when the rest becomes excessive and starts to interfere with one’s productivity, it becomes laziness. So, how to fight laziness? How to spend your time productively?

Below there are discussed some of the causes of laziness and how to tackle it.

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A teleworker and an agent: legislation and enroll peculiarities


Who is a teleworker or an agent?

What is a telework?

In 1975 American scientist D. Nellis introduced a new concept «computer-based technology». This is a job that can be done remotely with the help of computer technologies.

One should distinguish four notions. Today telecommuting is a common term for «distance work» in Europe and other countries when in the meantime teleworking as «remote working» is more often used in the United States and Canada.

Both terms mean a work managed from home with a help of telecommunications equipment or using mobile telecommunications technologies to work in restaurants, cafes or other public places.

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Client-orientedness: what is it and why is it important?


The modern world dictates the rules of doing business. Sometimes they are cruel and unjust, onerous and difficult. But each company that wants to succeed in its activities should be customer-oriented. Otherwise, nothing good will come out of its activity.

            What is the meaning of client-orientedness?

Client-orientedness is the ability of the company to put the client’s interests above its own. Ideally, any firm should be guided by this principle, and thus to go forward, to become better. Customer-orientated could be either a company or a specific employee. In practical terms it looks so: if you have a choice meanwhile to serve the customer or to drink coffee, the customer-oriented employee always does not choose a cup of fragrant drink.

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The role of country-manager in international business


                 Who is the country manager?

Country-manager or city-manager is a remote employee with experience and knowledge of doing business in the country with its own culture and language: he/she provides access to the unknown business world with its mentality and laws.

First and foremost, the country-manager represents a foreign company as a Director, manages a branch office in a particular country.

In other words, the Manager without borders: despite the difference in hundreds of miles with him/her, you can always stay in touch with the assistance of telecommunications and messengers.

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7 mistakes when hiring a contractor remotely


The remote employee is not a property: or what are the mistakes of the customer

To dispel your incorrect assumptions about freelancing, further in this article we will analyze the most fatal mistakes when hiring such employees out of the office.

For the beginning let’s sweeten your interest  with the information about 5 worldwide-known freelancers in the world who have made a rich contribution to the development of human history:

  • Ray Kroc was in the list of “100 best people in the world.” He founded McDonald’s.
  • Walter Elias Disney – a founder, photographer, and designer “Walt Disney“.
  • Alfred Nobel – a genius in the field of physiology, biology, and electrochemistry.
  • Ernest Hemingway – the representative of world literature classics.
  • Charles Dickens – the great English novelist and writer.

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The difference between freelancer or teleworker from the agent


Who is a freelancer?

Independent Freelancer is a term to describe the activities of an “indefatigable” person who organizes his/her workday by him/herself and is not attached to a specific employer.

They can be compared with the heroes: they are not afraid of the absence of retirement savings and volatile fluctuations of the labor market.

According to the Freelancers Union in 2017 more than 55 million Americans choose free-activities with a total income – 1 000 000 000 000 of dollars a year.

Freelance business is a great business model, with which you will immediately receive a “labor ticket” for the exchange of all kinds of online projects and interesting orders without the additional charges.

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Employee check is a pleasant process


A valuable employee is a valuable labor resource for the company and the enterprise as a whole. As one famous businessman said: “Take away my finances and I will earn again, take away my team, and I will lose all business”. You invest in the success and professionalism of your employees when you care about their social package, skills development, and wages. It is important for you to maintain the status and name of the company, so every workforce unit is important. Perfection and prestige should be seen in all valuable staff. A person is a face of a company.

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