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Product analysis – 6 reasons for a launch failure


Let’s consider interesting examples for the most fatal mistakes in creating a market pioneer product. This analysis will serve as the basis for your future business plan without risk and financial loss.

World statistics show frightening data: “premature death” occurs even before entering the market in 95% of products. According to Charles Merle Crawford, the author of the book «New Products Management», 35% of products simply went down the drain without a possibility of cost recovery.

Robert Cooper is an author of several bestsellers on the topic of the step-by-step guide on creating a business in his article “The success of a new product” assesses the coefficient of consumers’ rejection of the product at the level of 48%. And considers:

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17 IT applications for the entrepreneur


The role of mobile applications

According to the founder and editor of the Mobile Marketing Daily, David Murphy: “The future of the mobile is the future of online. This is how people get access to online content right now.

Modern mobile technologies help successful entrepreneurs to unload their “important” and “unimportant” tasks. Diaries do not cope with the irregular working schedule and a constant stream of business ideas.

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Successful Market Analysis from Online Agent


Market analysis is the main key to successful implementation of a business plan for any tiger of a business. For such an analysis, a competent “source” of monitoring, diagnosis, and microanalysis is needed. What if you are territorially in Europe, and you have an idee-fixe for a new business in China? Or do you have a profitable enterprise in Canada, do you produce a good product for the domestic consumer, and now you want to present it in markets overseas in America or Germany? 

How to achieve a real triumph for the organization of a finished business platform without maximum financial costs and time wasted?

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