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What is rebranding and why do we need it ?


What is rebranding?

A brand is a complex concept with a graphic logo, product design in the same style, advertising slogan and a highly regarded reputation.

Rebranding is the creation of a new fresh perspective: it changes customer’s perception of the product or service or the company through brand resuscitation.

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A PR of a personality and company from an online agent


Why is PR trusted?

PR (public relations) is a “live” mechanism of media actions and a sample of a popular advertising move in order to interest the target audience with your public personality, product or service. The Internet has swallowed the whole world with its unlimited access to anywhere in the world, data, and resources. Together with it the PR achieved tremendous progress in the world of advertising and multiplied its possibilities threefold. It became fashionable to advertise the new brand solely through PR forces

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International marketing analysis in online mode


What is international marketing?

The international world of advertising and business is developing rapidly, everything is running and spinning on one marketing mechanism of “life cycle support” for needs and necessities of a product or service. In words of Patrick Doyle, President and CEO of Domino’s Pizza LLC: “Every day you become either better or worse, but you never remain the same”, which at one time served as a strong impetus for motivation to change the basic principles of the company’s production, develop a franchise network in 75 countries and get into the Forbes magazine.

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Positive image from the Advertising Agent with agent.biz


What is the advertising of the 21st century?

Advertising is a creative world of communication with its laws and symbols, requiring a special professional approach. Advertising surrounds us every day: modern giants-billboards, “sensational” newspaper publications, radio and TV information broadcasting. It drives trade in domestic and international markets and now has absorbed the global worldwide web.

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