Business Education MBA

Business Education MBA


MBA is a globally recognized degree in the career scope of business and management. With an MBA degree, a person desirability increases significantly. The knowledge gotten from The MBA degree program prepares students to take on issues and problems in practical life business situations. This makes them invaluable to every company and corporation.

The MBA is a program with many variants through which it can be attained. They are of different types and structures with their own needs and requirements. Some MBA programs might take a while to acquire while others will take fewer years. For those wishing to enroll here are some information regarding the different MBA  variants, their requirements to assist you in picking what exactly is good for you.

Full-time MBA

This variant of MBA gives you an in-depth understanding of important management roles and functions and how to deal with business problems regardless of their complexity.

The courses in the Full-Time MBA usually include leadership, business strategy, operations and HR.

The duration of the full-time MBA is usually two years. It demands attendance to business roughly between 12 to 24 months.

The full-time MBA best suits those that will not be distracted by work so they can focus solely on the program. This is the reason why a majority of the students who go for the full-time MBA program are usually younger people. It usually involves one year of intense teaching. The aim of the Full-Time MBA program usually helps in helping students in critical and analytical thinking, creating innovative and effective strategies and organizational skill. Its courses usually include Accounting Concepts and Financial Reporting Data, Management Marketing, Management corporate, Finance and leadership with lots of others.


Accelerated MBA

This acts as a quicker alternative t the full tie MBA. The classes are compressed in order to let the programs be completed within 10-15 months, unlike the full-time MBA that takes up to 12 to 24 months. The accelerated MBA is mostly for the students with families and jobs. Since the Full-Time MBA requires complete devotion to books, the accelerated MBA permits students to be able to work and have time for themselves.

However, the accelerated MBA program is more profitable to institutions. It is a good option for those unable to meet up the Full-Time MBA program despite that the accelerated MBA does not compromise in knowledge. Students are still expected to research and expected to meet up to Full Time MBA standard, it has no summer break and a very short break between semesters, the workload is also much heavier than the Full-Time MBA. Another reason why a lot of people opt for the accelerated MBA is that they earn their money for school while working. This variant of MBA  aims to nurture students to lead and arm them with skills to helm business management positions anywhere in the world.

Some of the courses in the accelerated MBA group are Managing and Leading, Legal options in decision making and a few others.

Distance learning MBA

The name distance would make many misinterpret distance learning MBA as an online MBA. Distance learning MBA, as a matter of fact, is totally different from online MBA. While for a large part the program lessons will be taken via prerecorded videos, teleconferencing, online computer course you would still have to attend class at one point during the programme.

Unlike Online MBA, distance learning by a greater extent allows interaction. Amongst themselves, students usually organize meetings during weekdays. They are sometimes called hybrid MBA, They are usually offered by great universities.

Online MBA

In a world that is fast developing in terms of technology, it is no surprise that education has not taken the backseat but has instead moved further with the times to make knowledge accessible and attainable to anyone. With Online MBA all that is needed is a great internet connection and you are set to go. Today as it stands a lot of schools have accepted this digitalization to bring the MBA course fully online. It is a far less demanding option as it works following the discretion of the student. The Online MBA somewhat becomes a sort of thorn to one’s self if there is a lack of discipline.

Although online MBA has not be looked upon by industry to be as good as accelerated, full time and distant learning, all of which require need the physical presence of the student. Online MBA, however, the quality of education is not minced as long as it is done with dedication.

Executive MBA

The executive MBA or EMBE program as it is usually abbreviated is a variant of the program that seems to be cut out for people who have very little time to study. It is for those who seem to be perpetually tied down by work, work that cannot be left for a long spell. The Executive MBA like the Accelerated MBA, Online MBA, and Distant learning MBA because it permits students to work.

The admission requirements for Executive MBA are however stringent, They usually demand working experience in a specified position. The maturity of Executive MBA students is usually more matured than students of the other MBA variants.


Professional MBA (PMBA)

This variants of MBA is a blend of both EMBA and the part-time MBA. It is very flexible as it allows students to participate in weekend and evening modules.

Primarily the professional MBA offers two study modules which allow students to switch between online and going to classes according to which is more convenient. One extra of the professional MBA is that it allows people to be able to switch to full-time MBA at any time. however, this option is not available in every school.


This MBA variant enables students from all over the world to take part in the degree program in different classrooms. The Global EMBA takes a great deal of cooperation from various schools across the planet to be successful

It is usually more expensive than others. One of its biggest advantages is that it offers graduates a great deal of global experience and exposure attained by traveling.

  Joint EMBA

This variant of MBA is open that involves bringing together of experienced executives from around the world to provide new ways of tackling business hurdles in the ever global rapid growing business marker. The Joint MBA most requires the cooperation of two or more entities sometimes these entities are not just institutions but also corporations


Modular EMBA

This variant of MBA is known to be quite intensive. Although it permits students to work, it requires full immersion during the session. Therefore students must be able and willing to stay away from their work to use the modular EMBA, The duration usually takes about two years to complete.


The part-time MBA follows the same curriculum as the full-time MBA except that classes are offered in the evening and on weekends, The result is that it takes a long time complete. Its duration is usually three years.

Whatever variant you decide to go for making sure you pick what suits your needs and your lifestyle. GO get that degree.

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