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Audit service with an online expert around the world


External audit.

Audit teaches us the notion that: “Success in management and organization of a commercial facility is comparable with the structure of the human body, where all organs are interconnected if one does not work, the body begins to weaken.”

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Employee check is a pleasant process


A valuable employee is a valuable labor resource for the company and the enterprise as a whole. As one famous businessman said: “Take away my finances and I will earn again, take away my team, and I will lose all business”. You invest in the success and professionalism of your employees when you care about their social package, skills development, and wages. It is important for you to maintain the status and name of the company, so every workforce unit is important. Perfection and prestige should be seen in all valuable staff. A person is a face of a company.

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Selection of specialists by staff recruitment


Staff recruitment is a more professional level of interaction between an employer and a future employee. Generally, initiators are general directors and owners. They can look for a specialized employee themselves or with help of authorized persons. They know immediately who should be aligned with and, possibly, where such a future employee works.  The task is to persuade the best candidate to agree to almost the best job in his life for a short period of time.

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What is head hunting?


Selection of qualified personnel solves the main role in the successful development of your company or private business. This urgent issue is the main for the majority of recruiting agencies and hr-managers (Human Resource). Throughout the world, the word “headhunting” is used most often, in some countries and cities – executive search (quality search by order). In other words, this is when they entice a particular person from a specific company. Refusal can occur for two reasons: A person does not fit the task or does not want to change his/her place of work.

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Rent of residential and commercial objects “on-the-spot”


Rent is an effective way of using a mobile or immobile estate for a contractual fee. Land plots, apartments, vehicles, and equipment are rented more often than yachts, houses or jewelry. Abroad they successfully use the system of credit and lease for a long time not only for real estate but also interior items, kitchenware, electronics and more. This is very trendy as being aimed at “saving”, “partial payment for time” or a “try and look” option. 

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Real estate for sale all over the world


The sale of real estate in another country or city is a systemic and lengthy process for which you can spend a lot of time and resources. The legislation is changing, and peculiarities of legal registration of real estate are different in various countries. A deal on the sale of real estate will be beneficial for you if you take care of details in advance, for example, find a reliable notary. This can be done by a specialist from, who will select a competent estate agent or a practicing lawyer for you.

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A new online service when buying a commercial or residential property


Buying real estate in the country of “desires” is a guaranteed investment in a beautiful bright future. You can purchase your dream home or a prestigious apartment, storage room or a subsidiary anywhere in the world, which gives you the opportunity to plan a successful relocation or successful business start-up on an international platform.

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Online solution for all real estate issues


Most people around the world are considering buying or renting real estate as an opportunity to protect their savings and invest them in a reliable asset.
• Perhaps you want to make a pleasant home purchase in Cyprus or in Egypt?
• Or do you want to find a good office space or warehouse property?
• Do you plan to build a shopping center and look for suitable land plot abroad?
• Do you have a house in the village by inheritance and do you think how to sell it profitably?

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Search for manufacturers and suppliers around the world


Have you been thinking long about opening a new type of business and looking for an official supplier of goods for sale? You are in the opposite point of the world, and the search extends to an unfamiliar territory? Can not get in touch with the manufacturer because of the lack of language skills? All the answers for you are available on our website of professional services for finding any information from online professionals.

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Reliable information retrieval from a manufacturer up to a business partner


The history of the Internet dates back to the 1950s, and already in the 1980s, the British scientist Tim Berners began to implement the idea of the World Wide Web in reality. Today, advanced technologies have made significant progress. The Internet gives you the opportunity to work from the floor: Search for information, customers, and manufacturers anywhere in the world.

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