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International marketing analysis in online mode


What is international marketing?

The international world of advertising and business is developing rapidly, everything is running and spinning on one marketing mechanism of “life cycle support” for needs and necessities of a product or service. In words of Patrick Doyle, President and CEO of Domino’s Pizza LLC: “Every day you become either better or worse, but you never remain the same”, which at one time served as a strong impetus for motivation to change the basic principles of the company’s production, develop a franchise network in 75 countries and get into the Forbes magazine.

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Positive image from the Advertising Agent with


What is the advertising of the 21st century?

Advertising is a creative world of communication with its laws and symbols, requiring a special professional approach. Advertising surrounds us every day: modern giants-billboards, “sensational” newspaper publications, radio and TV information broadcasting. It drives trade in domestic and international markets and now has absorbed the global worldwide web.

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Online interchange of information in the field of sales


The role of B2B in the international market

The formula of success of any businessman is simple – more effective actions, less risk, to try new things constantly.

B2B is a sphere of sales of services and products, objects according to the scheme “business for business”. For example, one company sells or buys services (advertising, repair, banking, insurance, etc.) to another company. It is necessary to “hit the bulls-eye” – the final user. It can be manufacturers of goods, the retail sector, telecommunications, tourism, crediting.

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Search for information for a new business and business partner


What is the Business travel industry (Business Travel)? The answer is in the words of the Managing Director of MICE (Meetings Incentives Conferences Exhibitions), Rob Davidson: “Business tourism is an ancient form of tourism in order to search for new business partnerships and business ideas through travel to other countries and cities.”

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Search for potential customers with


It does not matter which of the areas you are interested in – production, trade or services. Your main task is to get a good profit, which means it is important to think about where to find customers and how to establish contact on mutually beneficial relationships with them. What if you want to sell your product abroad? Or, have you acquired a European product and now you need to create a demand for it in the country of residence? Perhaps you already have a product, but sales have decreased significantly and you do not know how to get out of this crisis?

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Investment consultant online


Investing in a business is the most profitable asset of all. A competent investor understands the role of multiplying profits by increasing and protecting cash flow that comes from these assets. Wealthy people try to reduce their financial risks to a minimum in order to get more income. You risk by not calculating all the pros and cons of your business decisions initially.

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Effective consulting from an online lawyer


Legal consulting is a demanded service with an element of insurance for your business. Countries develop, laws change. A lawyer will ensure and exclude the effect of the “Bermuda Triangle”: loss of documents, lack of accountability, illegal transactions.

Why does your business or start-up need a lawyer?

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Business consulting in any country at a convenient time


What is the Consulting?

Do you want to sense a new business sector in Cyprus? Do you want to realize yourself as a new business player in the international market? Perhaps, you live in America, but are interested in launching your new product or service in the European market? You should clearly understand what the value of your business proposal will be, what will distinguish you from others.

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“Secret shopper” – a quality assessment agent


A secret shopper acts as a scout with an important mission to “secretly” assess the quality of service of your company or restaurant, salon, store. He makes a sudden visit to your outlet or directly to an office of the company, makes a purchase, asks employees about the service of the brand, then draws conclusions for you. This is a modern look from the point of view of a potential customer “in a mask”. An employee does not suspect that he fell under his professional sights and will soon receive an evaluation of his work.

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Online audit saves you time


       What is an enterprise audit?

Would you like to order an audit of your company? You are on a business trip or are busy with business outside the country of business, you need audit-inspection of branches? Professional analysis from an online agent to reduce the risks of claims from the state body on taxes and regulatory matters.

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