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$90.00 per hour
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Kiang Xi'an, China
$25.00 per hour

Help in choosing a new one, or developing an existing business. For owners of small and medium businesses (from 1 to 50 employees).
Stages of work:
1. Problem statement. What do you want to get after completing the work.
2. Filling the Brief and identifying all problem situations at the moment.
3. Conducting marketing analysis: competitive environment, consumer behavior, market analysis, threats and prospects, CA detection, UTP formation.
4. Selection of marketing channels of promotion, based on the received data (social networks, site, outdoor advertising, telephone calls, audio-video advertising, other types of marketing).
5. Creating a business plan and business development strategy for 1-3 years.
6. Implementation of all recommendations and control over their implementation.
7. Correcting the results. Recommendations for further business development.
The result of the works will be a detailed understanding of the interested market, which will lead to the successful launch of the new, and the development of the current business.
To know the rules of the game before investing is the right decision, because the risk of losing everything is incredibly high. Pre-calculated risks increase the chances of success of a future business to 99%.
For those who have not yet decided on the type of business and want to receive additional information. Order a paid consultation service on Skype. Consultation time – 45 min. The cost is $ 25. At the consultation, you will be able to ask questions of interest to you about the methods of business selection and development, to clarify the choice of the business model, to get real advice on the priorities of the action. Recording for advice in personal messages.
Why me?
Owners of several types of business with assets: wholesale and retail electronics sales, organization of presentations and concert shows, consulting marketing services, PR consultancy, IT services, video and audio content production.
I systematically interact with many owners of large, medium and small businesses, politicians, foreign investors, sharing and gaining experience in other areas of business. All this gives you a real opportunity to help your business, to prevent “child” mistakes, to find and develop a unique advantage.

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Sergey Kiev Ukraine
$10.00 per hour

I work with incomplete weekly load. I have time to work. I want to find a job.

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Sheldon Kiev Ukraine
$70.00 per hour

I work in the office as a secretary. On weekends I have a desire to earn extra money.

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Cheslav Bydgoszcz Polska
$75.00 per hour

Temporarily unemployed

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$50.00 per hour
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Viktor Kovalchuk Львовская область, Украина
$20.00 per hour

Hi to all. I’m from Ukraine. I have been doing business for over 7 years.
Always open to dialogue and cooperation.

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