A PR of a personality and company from an online agent

A PR of a personality and company from an online agent


Why is PR trusted?

PR (public relations) is a “live” mechanism of media actions and a sample of a popular advertising move in order to interest the target audience with your public personality, product or service. The Internet has swallowed the whole world with its unlimited access to anywhere in the world, data, and resources. Together with it the PR achieved tremendous progress in the world of advertising and multiplied its possibilities threefold. It became fashionable to advertise the new brand solely through PR forces

For example, “greedy” journalists from the Financial Times take material from reliable sources of pr-companies: Financial Times – 84%, Times -54%, New York Times – 44%, Washington Post – 35%. There is a smooth transition from the need for a marketing mechanism to pr-politics.

There is an opinion that if your business event or statement about a public person did not get into the media, then consider it was not. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your name or your business is heard on everyone’s lips before the moment when it happens.


        The role and objectives of international PR

  • Opens the secrets of social behavior.
  • “Excites” the interest of the target audience.
  • Uses media advertising.   
  • Forms the image of the company, personality.
  • Causes of positive emotions.
  • Stimulates the sale of products, services.
  • Creates conditions for purchase.
  • Turns consumers into “lodgers”.
  • Solves social problems.

Online PR from agent.biz

To create a company brand or an identity brand, you need to create an information PR-company that will constantly remind the world of you, will report information through “third-hand”. The main thing is to create and implant the concept of “we exist, do not forget about us.” This will be done by an online specialist from our international website with a lot of suggestions, how to solve your problem from anywhere in the world.

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