A new online service when buying a commercial or residential property

A new online service when buying a commercial or residential property


Buying real estate in the country of “desires” is a guaranteed investment in a beautiful bright future. You can purchase your dream home or a prestigious apartment, storage room or a subsidiary anywhere in the world, which gives you the opportunity to plan a successful relocation or successful business start-up on an international platform.

Online estate agent is a professional specialist with legal skills and actual data about the latest updates in the market of desired real estate. It is necessary to take into account such aspects of the country as its economic situation, crisis situations, local restrictions, the limit of “construction scope”.  

Goals for the purchase of commercial real estate:

  • creation of any real estate object from scratch
  • purchase a land plot for a future shopping center or a new factory
  • select a warehouse facility for sales of a European product
  • search for a trading platform for implementation of a large commercial project

     For buying residential real estate:

  1.  comfortable accommodation for rest
  2. moving to another country

What is included in the services of an online estate agent?

Providing online services of specialist from agent.biz is the analysis of any tasks on real estate issues from customers around the globe. At the same time, everything is taken into account, even every possible prospect for development of entrepreneurial activity when buying an office space; good weather and housing conditions for a decent house or cottage. After that, economic and organizational possibilities are analyzed.
In the task of buying real estate, the specialist will start from the following types of value:
Market value in the current market.
The liquidation value at which it is possible to obtain the object for a limited period of time. The cost of such an object is always below the market value.
Recovery cost. When the construction of a new building is underway. It is important when registering insurance.

The convenient solution with agent.biz

Our online platform is a fresh look and a new platform for cooperation between online estate agents and customers regarding residential and commercial real estate.
We offer you a more convenient and effective way of solving your problems by means of the world wide web. Today, the Internet gives us such an excellent opportunity as the conclusion of online transactions and contracts without loss of time. Cooperation takes place “on the spot” wherever you feel comfortable, either at home or in the office. Search for an online estate agent for a specific section of the country or city. Afterward, you leave the electronic application.

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