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4 Strong brand creating principles


Modern branding in the era of digital technology is the creation of a long – term product or service with unique and attractive for the buyer needs.
”When it comes to branding, don’t overdo it, ” says the branding expert Yali Saar, CEO and co-founder of Tailor Brands with artificial intelligence technology to create logos, advertising products and social media companies.
The problem is, how long are you going to work on your brand? A month? A year? In fact, time does not play a major role here.

What is branding in the 21st century?

Today branding is a concept of speed and long-term friendly relations with loyal customers.
The director of any company is an “inspired bandmaster” who manages the whole process, and the employees are his well-coordinated and dedicated team, which helps to create a good reputation with a positive brand.
Brands are becoming increasingly important for consumers. Your product can lose to your competitors, but it’ll not smirch the honor of product and the name of your company.

“Divide and conquer” is the best motivating call to create a positive image, brand. Without it, you are like without the “brain” and “nerve endings” of the company, which are responsible for the entire mechanism of internal business processes.
Let’s look at 4 tips from Yali Saar to speed up the brand development process. And for a start, ask yourself the following question:
Instead of the question “Is my brand the one and only?”- “Am I creating a product to solve a problem or as a necessity for consumers?”


No.1 How to make a “visible brand”?

Marketers are obsessed with achieving a “product first impression” when consumers see your product and are confident in buying it. “Visibility” helps your brand to attract attention and highlight your product among a huge number of analogues.

What is brand image?

One of the reasons why such a brand as Apple is so successful is its correct perception of the brand, brand image (the right time, place and interest of the buyer). Thanks to their attractive retail store design, especially the new flagship store in Chicago, Apple’s visibility helps the company to maintain a strong awareness of itself.
Accordingly, when it comes to your own personal brand, the visibility gives your product a kind of “delicious filling”, as if it was baked in the best professional traditions and on exclusive recipe.

No. 2: How to make an “exclusive brand”?

Marketers pay a lot of attention to the exclusive brands to be different. After all, consumers often remember valuable products with a unique nature. A distinctive feature allows your brand to occupy a special place in the lives of people and easily compete in other categories of goods.
One of the best exclusive brands in the world is British Virgin Atlantic Airline. The flavor of the brand is their entertainment “Vera club with cocktails in the sky”.

How to determine the exclusivity of the brand?

An exclusive brand is a unique opportunity, and your skills are the key to its access.
First, it is important to identify your company’s key skills: creativity, professional competence, analytical skills.
After, use them as labor energy to create a “strong product” with superiority over other goods.

No. 3: How to create a “valuable brand”?

Let’s take for example the British brand for the production of folding bicycles Brompton Bicycle.
Since 1975, Brompton has inherited one of its valuable traditions- skilled craftsmen leave their initials on different parts of the bike.
The second valuable innovation is that customers can also set up their own bike, as the  result – the product acquires its unique trade look.
“Valuable brand” shows customers who you really are, not who you are. It is a measure of your professional work in implementing key company skills as well as inheriting an organization’s culture that conforms to your own values and beliefs.
When you are in the process of releasing a valuable brand- your team is full of energy and enthusiasm in order to present a useful product to the world.
It can be compared to the creative process in which you put all your heart and soul. In the end, your “new creation” should be liked by you.


No. 4: How to get a “popular brand”?

The advantage of the brand over other analogues is its emotional impact on consumers. It is important that the branded product involves a positive contribution to the life of its owner.
For example, a Volvo car will not only take you from point A to point B, it will also make your trip safe and comfortable. In other words, it will “protect” the people you love.
Pay attention to the “popular brand” with the best functional advantages for consumers – media company Peloton for the production of training equipment.
You can comfortably train at home with their bicycle and stepmill. During the classes you have the opportunity to join online fitness classes under the guidance of first-class instructors.
In order to make the brand more popular, the company decided to focus on its influential mission of the product on people’s lives, namely “giving people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves at any time and in any place.”

What is the conclusion?

When you create a “motivating brand” and give it the role of “mission”, your work gains more depth, influence and significance. It becomes more attractive and subsequently leaves a stronger impression on the buyer.
These top 4 principles-questions can serve as a first step to determining “How to create a focused personal brand that will support your aspirations, strengthen your reputation and ultimately open the door to future opportunities”.


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