17 IT applications for the entrepreneur

17 IT applications for the entrepreneur


The role of mobile applications

According to the founder and editor of the Mobile Marketing Daily, David Murphy: “The future of the mobile is the future of online. This is how people get access to online content right now.

Modern mobile technologies help successful entrepreneurs to unload their “important” and “unimportant” tasks. Diaries do not cope with the irregular working schedule and a constant stream of business ideas.

Now it is popular to attend a lot of time management training, progressive seminars, and lectures of the world’s business gurus. Philip Kotler is the most influential marketer according to the opinion of the Community for senior and middle managers of the Executive: 44% of survey participants chose him. The remaining 42.6% went to Bill Gates and the 3rd place was bestowed to the best business theorist Peter Drucker – 32%. These people give good advice, but there is one big “but” – all this takes extra time.

Your “lifeline” is modern mobile technologies. What is their role? They, like “good wizards” multiply your most active activities in the form of an integrated experience with an indispensable function of “round-the-clock activity”: you eat, relax, travel, and these little assistants perform your small tasks (planning, reminder, remote communication, control @ mail).


Remote Work: Mobile Assistants

 Messengers – how long they will be popular?

These are helper programs and its purpose is exchanging text messages, calls, video calls by installing on a mobile gadget, a computer. They need little space, quickly notify about messages, work with Wi-Fi, mobile Internet.

In this case, the recipient must be online. Nowadays this is not a problem: almost every mobile operator offers a good bonus package with access to the Internet, many establishments support the “stay in touch” service, offering free Wi-Fi. First of all, a modern entrepreneur is a “mobile businessman” with an adapted site for mobile devices, in order constantly to keep in touch with customers and employees.

 Assistant for the entrepreneur. It is calculated, that in 2017, demand among entrepreneurs for mobile applications grew to 32%. For them, they are effective software assistants for solving business tasks from a smartphone: negotiations with counterparts, setting tasks for employees, workday planners, financial management.

10 Main Messengers

Financial Pathfinder.

You are always aware of the real state of your accounts, you track all income and expenditure, optimize the available budget (Goodbudget Budget Planner, Money Lover: Менеджер Расходов, (Money Lover: Expense Tracker) Дзен-мани: учет расходов (Zenmoney: Expenditure Records)).


You can call anywhere in the world with access to the network with the help of them. Most of the calls are a free function, like video calls. The most reliable and easy way to host an online conference with a partner from another country Скайп для iPhone,(Skype for iPhone) Telegram Messenger, Messenger).

Business mail.

@ Mail is the main electronic channel for business correspondence. It is best of all to select a good email client, where you can have an additional function to turn emails into tasks (Gmail, Inbox от Gmail, Spark от Readdle).

Insurers of time.

Every self-respecting businessman tries to use rationally his time with the help of modern digital calendars. No wonder they say, “money is precious time» (Google Календарь, (Google Calendar), Fantastical 2 for iPhone, CloudCal Calendar Agenda Planner Organizer To Do).

Task Manager.

Billionaires and millionaires around the world often complain that the more successful and higher the level of your business – the more important tasks. It is difficult to make out where the “important” and “unimportant”. Moreover, in one’s head, all this cannot be kept. For this, there are software task planners in order to ensure you in the most important case TickTick: To do лист,ежедневник, (TickTick: To do list, diary) Todoist: порядок во всём, (Todoist: the order in everything) Trello).


Multipurpose notepad.

They are often using it in order to make a quick voice or text note. Aimed to return later to the task and add all details. You get rid of a heap of stickers and leaves on your desktop which you can not take with you to all business meetings (Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep).

Scanning messenger.

It is much more convenient to communicate with customers and partners using a scanned document with a mark of important points or phrases. You save time and nerves. Information comes faster, negotiations are held with mutual understanding (Office Lens, Adobe Scan, Adobe Scan: сканирование PDF, OCR (Adobe Scan: Scan PDF, OCR).

Online presentations.

Frequent business trips and foreign conferences are not a problem for a successful entrepreneur, if he has a mobile presentation manager: convenient to convey information and to repeat material quickly (Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Презентации (Google Presentations).

Mobile aggregator.

The entrepreneur should always be aware of the latest news in the fluctuation of the course, the actions of competitors, changes in legislation. Not all social networks at the time post information, so aggregators messengers help us  Feedly – Smart News Reader, Inoreader – RSS & News Reader, Digg).

Road Assistant.

Do you know the concept of “topographic idiocy»? This is a complete territorial disorientation against the background of increased concentration of the entire brain on one thing. Businessmen are so involved in their business projects or negotiations that they are often distracted from the road. The trip is an even more serious road trip. Such applications display maps, routes and places of interest (Google Trips – Plan Your Trip, 2ГИС — карты города,(2GIS – city maps) Путеводители и оффлайн карты (Guides and offline maps).

 5 reasons for using IT applications

The entrepreneur tries to achieve maximum profit from commercial activities, where every marketing tool is an important cog in one holistic business planning mechanism.

Not everyone has appreciated the benefits of mobile applications. Not everyone likes to dig and to understand modern technologies. But its study takes much less time than attending all kinds of training. You are your own teacher with access to online free video lessons or articles, and you will become the owner of a huge treasure of free and affordable business solutions.

We suggest that you consider a number of reasons for the benefits and benefits of “mobile cogs” that not only affect your actions in the digital world but also transform your entire business.

  1. Increase sales 2 times!

The best and most common type of advertising is sending push notifications (promotions, discounts, and offers) in order to replace inefficient e-mail, SMS-dispatches, distributions of flyers and leaflets. A reliable and permanent way of interacting with customers who more often use smartphones and mobile gadgets. Advertising reaches an incredible scale with such opportunities: in the history of mankind, this is a real breakthrough in the industry of commercial activity.

  1. Expand your customer base

Many companies use an additional channel to attract new and retain regular customers in order to increase brand loyalty, form an image, collect customer feedback, stand out against competitors, and all above mentioned is for setting a higher level of service. According to statistics, 25% of business records are made using mobile applications.

  1. Get ahead of your competitors

AppStore and GooglePlay are the two main programs for all gadgets on Android and iOS. Basically, these services go by default and require identification via the main @ mail or social networks, or manually. It’s easy to notice while you are getting acquainted with their huge list of multifunctional applications, that there are not so many business programs: I would like within a certain city, regions.   A great opportunity for you to use these “mobile cogs”, while they are beyond competition.

  1. Conquer digital marketing

If you specify the search for “enterprise analytics”, “customer management” or “sales accounting” in PlayMarket, you will get a whole list of applications. Many of them require improvement, but in fact, it is an indicator of the obvious progress in the world of digital business solutions. We need to start today studying some of these programs, in order to prepare the ground for future “combat equipment” for healthy competition.

You can collect detailed analytics, choose effective proposals, form an advertising and marketing strategy at the highest level with minimal costs. You will have round the clock access to the target audience with smartphones and tablets.

  1. The target audience

Sergei Bulayev, the creator of the application “Buy a loaf!», said about the Role of the mobile application in the modern world in the interview with Forbes:“If today we name the three most promising areas of the Internet business, then with the probability of 99% one of these directions will be the development of applications for mobile devices.»

  • The mobile application allows you to focus on a certain group of people, which significantly increases sales.
  • You reduce the risk that information about a product or service does not pass by the eyes and ears of the target audience. When it comes to the target audience, it means a specific situation, service, and brand.
  • For example, a client will select a mobile application of a travel agency, because his desire is a journey in order to choose the best last-minute proposals.


7 Specific Messengers

  1. Mendix. Sends special offers to customers near points of sale.
  2. Visual Impact Group. Distribution of sales about the organized event, sale.
  3. Laura. Describes the profitable offers and vacancies.
  4. Square. Makes mobile payments from plastic cards, commercial transactions.
  5. Slack. Establish team cooperation, establish project priorities.
  6. com. It supports round-the-clock service and communication with customers.
  7. ForceManager. Manages the customer base, sales process, and order.

Agent.biz: cooperate online and  hire people profitable

The various business platforms are also popular now in order to help entrepreneurs around the world (from Asia to America) in addition to modern IT business applications.

Internet communication between the customer and the agent is a kind of content-messenger, where you will be provided with professional services and information on the requested project.

We offer you profitable cooperation on the site with agents who will do the work for you or provide the necessary service.

Make a choice today – save your time and get income!

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